Student Medical Checkup

Student Medical Checkup Guide

Student Medical Checkup

Student Medical Checkup Guide

  • We carry out regular medical checkups for maintaining student’s health and for early detection of diseases.
  • Medical checkups will be held with Kangbuk Samsung Hospital’s Total Health Care Center.
  • A student can get a medical checkup ONCE a year.

  • Notices on student medical checkups will be on the university & Health Care Center’s bulletin boards.
  • Students who plan to get medical checkups must comply with the KDCA's guidelines for COVID-19. 

  • It may be changed depending on the academic schedule and policy.

Schedule for Student Medical Checkup [2021 School year]

  • Prospective dormitory students & Current dormitory students

    : Feb. 1st(Mon.) ~ Feb. 26th(Fri.) 14:00~16:00  (Except Sat. & Sun. & Holidays)

  • The whole university students (Not received on Feb. & Checkup fee payers)

    Mar. 2nd(Tue.) ~ Apr. 30th(Fri)  (Except Sun. & Holidays)

    Weekdays 14:00~16:00 / Saturday 10:00~11:30

  • In the 2021 school year, On-campus student medical check-up are not conducted, due to the current situation of COVID-19.


  • Kangbuk Samsung Hospital’s Total Health Care Center
  • Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, Building B(previous. New Building)  2nd floor, Subway -Seodaemun Station, Exit 4

Subject to Checkup

  • - The whole university students (Bachelors and Graduate school)  (Excluding completed students)

    ※ 2021 Freshmen(Bachelors&Graduate school) & 2021 Transfer Students: Checkup fee payers only

    ※ 2021 undergraduate freshmen: Available 2 days after tuition fee is paid

    (Example: If you pay on February 9th, you can do checkup after February 15th.)

    ※ 2020 2nd semester undergraduate freshmen: Students who have paid for the Medical Checkup Fee and have not received the checkup



●  2021 Freshmen(Bachelors&Graduate school), 2021 Transfer Students : 26,000 KRW

●   Among 2020-2nd semester undergraduate freshmen, students who have not paid the Checkup fee and students who have already received the checkup : 26,000 KRW

●   Students paid before the 2020-1st semester : Free



  • Afternoon checkup : do not eat or drink anything from the morning before the checkup

Checkup Result

- You will be notified by personal email.

- If 'Agreed to access information' is obtained when preparing a statement, it can be checked in GLS. (three to five weeks after examination.)



Examination Items

  Item Details Clinical Significance
Radioactive Examination X-ray Chest PA Lung-related Disease
Blood Examination Liver Disease AST/ALT General Liver-function Examination
Diabetes Glucose Diabetes Examination
Hematologic Examination WBC, RBC, Hgb, Hct, Cr Inflammation, Anemia
Kidney-related Disease
Tests for Hepatitis A HAs Ab Hepatitis A Antibodies
Tests for Hepatitis B HBs Ag/Ab Hepatitis B Antibodies, Antigen
Urine Examination Urine Test Albumin, Blood
pH, Glucose
Nephritis, Disturbances of Metabolism, Diabetes
Physical Examination Body Measurement Height / Weight / Waist Body fat percentage
Blood Pressure Blood Pressure Examination Hypertension, Hypotension
Ocular Measurement Naked & Corrected Eyesight Eyesight Check
Health Declaration Mental Health Mental Health Self-check Depression, Anxiety
General Survey Lifestyle Disease Drinking, Smoking, Dietary Habit
Internal Medicine Health Counseling, Basic Disease Care
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Preparation before Medical Checkup

  • Avoid alcohol, overeating, and overworking 1 ~ 2 days before an examination for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Morning Checkup : do not eat or drink anything the midnight before your checkup.
    Afternoon Checkup : do not eat or drink anything the morning before your checkup. Also avoid gum, cigarettes, and coffee.
  • Hypotensive agent and medicines for heart disease (Antiarrhythmic agent) : You should take the medicines with some water in the morning.
  • Diabetes cures (Insulin shot or medicine : Avoid taking them to prevent hypoglycemia.
  • Do not get an X-ray if you are pregnant.
  • Preparation Item : Proper ID card (ex. passport ...)
  • Clothes
    • Wear clothes that are easy to remove.
    • Do not wear metal accessories.
    • You may need to tie your hair when you get an X-ray, so prepare a hairband.